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The Virginian RR (VGN) borrowed Bay Window Cabooses from the ACL & Seaboard RR in the 1940s prior to ordering steel cabooses for the VGN. Can anyone help me on this one with Cab # and when they were borrowed or if they were orrowed.

Thanks ED.

-- Edgar S. Goin, Jr. (, June 17, 2003


Yes, the bay-window cabooses were formerly conventional M-3s that had their cupolas removed and the bay windows added. The conversions were done during WWII. It appears the last survivor was the 051, which hung around Lakeland and Waycross some in the 1960s. Also, when ACL first started rerouting its Miami passenger trains via Auburndale in Jan. 1963, the 051 was parked out near the overpass, evidently as a shelter for crews.

On photos, one or two have appeared in old issues of Lines South. If you want one for yourself, contact me off list.

-- Larry Goolsby (, June 20, 2003.

Where these bay window cabooses M-3 conversions? Was the lettering the same? Would love to see a photo. How long did they stay in service?

-- Hugh Butler (, June 19, 2003.

Very interesting, I've never heard this and would like to hear whatever additional details you can supply. The ACL had 5 bay-window cabooses, Nos. 051, 093, 0174, 0187, and 0343. The Seaboard had none that I have ever heard of. SAL did have some cabooses modified from boxcars that had no cupolas, but also no bay either.

-- Larry Goolsby (, June 17, 2003.

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