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Does anyone know what exactly Block Operation is on a Schindler MPH-II? I need to know the general theory behind what it is and how it works. Any help is appreciated. Thanks, Andy

-- Andy Englehart (, June 17, 2003


Hi , Andy

-- James Holder (, June 29, 2003.

Hi Andy, It has been a very long time since I have worked on one of these, but if memory serves they operate as master and slave dependant on which car was turned on first of the two. When one car looses the 5v. supply the other takes over the hall calls and the items related to dispatch. If you loose the hall FCB or HVM communications for some reason I believe it then seeks the block operation. It does this by sending the available cars to each individual floor and responding to riders car calls only. This fuction is software controlled from the MHC board I believe. As I said it's been a very long time since I have not worked on these so the info may not be adequate or accurate. Good Luck!

-- James Holder (, June 29, 2003.


-- (BILELEVATE@PRODIGY.NET), September 06, 2003.

Actually it's the 24 volts that is for the bank that you lose. Check F6 fuses on the RMH board. Also you may have blown pico fuses. Check them on the MHC board. (They're near the top, just below the connectors. You could also have damaged HVM/FCB boards.) I just went through this and had all of the above.

-- Rich Moore (, November 29, 2003.

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