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Dropped my darn bike (MV Agusta F4 1+1 Silver) after losing footing on gravel while climbing on board, but caught it as it went down and suffered only deep paint scratches but no major indentations or anything glaring. Need some advice as to the best method for repairing. There's two patches of 4 inch diameter deep scratches on the front right fairing, and on the body by the passenger seat. Would you recommend I replace the parts or have a good motorcycle body replair shop finish and repaint? On my old Jap bike I would just replace the parts, but on the F4 things are a little more pricey...front Fairing $943 US.

Thanks for any help!


-- Adam (, June 16, 2003



Sorry to hear about your mishap, glad the damage is limited and especially that no levers had snapped.

In my opinion, following your description of the damage, repair would be the route I'd choose.

The only reservation is that it would have to be done by someone good and not just any body shop. I don't know where you are but in the UK, I could recommend a couple of places.

Try some T-Cut on the shallower scufs, see if that improves things.

After you've done that get some R&G crash mushrooms.....about $100US in the UK.


-- Daniel (, June 17, 2003.

One other possibility is to use this as an excuse for a bit of upgrading. You can get a pair of carbon fibre fairing side panels from QB carbon ( for around GBP450, and keep the damaged fairings for track day use.


-- nigel pasea (, June 18, 2003.

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