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I have just purchased a Casoli one piece CF Front fender. How can I put it one without having to take the wheel off? Thanks.

-- Aspinner (, June 16, 2003


I had to remove the front wheel to get my Casoli fender on. Sorry!!!!

-- Curt McMillion (, June 16, 2003.

Yeh same here, they had to remove front wheel for that.

-- Daniel (, June 17, 2003.

Why don't after market companies make things easier???? That really pisses me off!!!

-- aspinner (, June 17, 2003.

I was able to install my Casoli fender without removing the wheel. It took some work though. I placed it above the wheel, and as I slid it back, I pushed the sides inward like an upside down taco. It was a very tight fit, and I was nervous that the fender was going to break. But once I slid it through the forks, it fit fine.

-- john milotzky (, June 17, 2003.

Did you scratch or crack the fender?

-- aspinner (, June 17, 2003.

No, but it was a nerve racking experience.

-- john milotzky (, June 19, 2003.

I too had to take my wheel off. I wouldn't try to squeeze the fender in without taking the wheel off. Anyway, if you have a front stand, it's easy to take the wheel off. If not, buy a Pit Bull stand!

-- Brad Cowell (, June 19, 2003.

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