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After our automatic espresso machine broke down, I dusted off a manual-pump machine that we got a long time ago. It's a La Riviera. Where can I get information about how to operate it properly, that is, how to properly "pull" espresso with it--either online or perhaps a book that could be recommended? All advice appreciated!

-- Cliff Avey (, June 16, 2003



In answer to your question, I used that espresso machine years ago. Just pull the handle down and let it come up! As simple as that. However, there is one thing you need to watch for when the espresso coffee is flowing into the cup...when it starts to ripple, as if at then end of the stream, that is the time to take away the cup. Anything caught in the cup after that "ripple effect" towards the end of the pull, starts to taste bitter. A short pull would be where you would take away the cup even before that "ripple effect," thereby catching ONLY the sweet taste.

-- Mark Fleischman (, July 02, 2003.

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