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What I reported in previous threads regarding concerned I and others expressed with the issue of the thinner valve stems on the later more powerful engines was not designed to cause offence or dis these machines in anyway. I will be happiest to hear its all a load of nonsense and I sincerely hope it is.

I consider myself a great fan of MV F4's, am a proud owner of one and looking forward to replacing it with a newer model in time (no other marque will do) especially if the F4 Mille materializes.

As far as the spare part situation is concerned, and I only know what I hear here in the UK, dealers are persisting there are no spares to be had and a few MV's are stuck in their workshops awaiting spares for months on end.

I must admit though that even when the factory was closed at the start of this year I managed to obtain a Clutch lever from Italy by faxing them and requesting an urgent delivery (wasn’t cheap at £80.00 inc. freight).

I don't know what the state of production and supply at the factory is like at the moment, are new bikes being shipped at the moment?


-- Daniel (, June 16, 2003


Sure they're delivering new bikes! I received my EVO3 more than two weeks ago, and i know they started delivering them by the end of May.

Cheers, Paolo.

-- Paolo (, June 16, 2003.

Wow. Is Three Cross the MV distributor in the UK? I vaguely recall hearding some unpleasant comments about them. I'm suspecting it may also be a distributor problem as well. Perhaps MV owners can obtain parts from other countries or directly from Italy?

As for the 2003 EVOIII bikes being out, Pete in Australia has seen one in his dealer's showroom. Here's the link: a=tpc&s=2586052102&f=9096052102&m=5856077343

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, June 16, 2003.

Youd be stupid to buy a MV from a company that gladly takes your deposit money but makes no spares available. Im in the USA and theres no difference over here. Been waiting so long for a waterpump I forgot how long ago it was. Thank god Ive got a ducati to ride. Im afraid Ive spent too much money for something to look at. Till there customers stop buying untill there are parts nothing will change. Bob

-- bob (, June 16, 2003.

Sorry chaps, despite all the glitches and the intermittant supply of bikes and spares I'll never give up riding my MV for as long as it can be kept rolling. When that ends I will probably get another one, but thats me.

It is quite true that running, servicing and equipping MV's can get a bit heavy on the pocket but if you owned a Ferrarri or such like you would also have to put up with the same. With owning and riding MV's there is no point starting if you are not prepared to be fully not just another bike...its a complete experience. (OTT I know)

Probably if you wanted the fastest bike you would go for a GSXR1000 or if you preffered V-Twins then the 999, RSVR, SP2 or even a Benelli Tornado, so there are good other bikes out there and yes making a choice is difficult but the MV in my humble opinion is in a class of its own.

To Allan yes Three Cross are the official importers and distributers in this country (UK) and there are rumours they are about to give it up the MV dealership.

So still No Bashing Intended!....


-- Daniel (, June 17, 2003.

Forget Three Cross for MV. Three Cross accountants/finance heads refuse to advance money to MV for bikes or special parts on orders they make. Therefore, there will be nothing coming via them as importers for the forseeable future. When I called them last week they had no idea that EVO3 were being made or shipped from the factory! Some of XXX staff are so disillusioned by this policy they are about to jump ship. I got this info from inside. Lets hope MV find an importer who wants to handle the finest bikes in the world.

-- Mark G. Czajka (, June 17, 2003.

That may well be the reason the UK MV market is so depressed and so disgruntled.

I get the impression that at the moment every one are just throwing their hands in the air......waiting for better days here. The only EVO3's I have seen in this country are one owned by a mate who bought it directly from Italy since he is aquainted with the MV owner and the second at a recent MCN Sports Bike Show at Donnington Park on a stand on its own not from a dealer.


-- Daniel (, June 17, 2003.

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