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Before I buy a wide canoe and a rowing rig I thought someone might have a better idea or advice on the canoe and row rig purchase. I want to be able to row quickly across a bay then enter mangrove swamps so would like option of paddling solo. I will have 2 dogs along so need stability and pretty large size, either no deck or would need to have big cockpits. Would also like to use for flyfishing in shallow ocean flats and tooling along slow rivers. Someone mentioned a Saroka, which also has sailing capabillity.

-- Steve Bousquin (, June 15, 2003


After going through many combinations in that last 10 years, I am now completely satisfied with my boat, which is a 15' Langford Drifter. The hull is a Y-stern, which I hang a 2 hp Honda when the wife and son want to join me. Like you, I do enjoy long solo trips. On those occasions, I do row. The boat did come with brass oar locks, which were decent to start off with, but I have welded a rigger that give me a little more torque in rougher salt water/ tidal bays. As for the sliding seat, I converted and old indoor rower to use in the bottom of the canoe. To balance out the trim when I'm carrying camping gear for longer trips, I use sand ballast in denim bags. Aside from the initial expense of boat and motor, my expenses have been nominal because I've tinkered around and fabricated most of my own gear (including a heady duty trail- trailer). Others my laugh (especially my wife), but for comfort, utility, and versatility, Iím pretty happy.

-- Jean Paul (, June 15, 2003.

Steve, Sounds like you might want a guideboat. They will take you and your dogs no problem - although they are set- up to row not paddle.

The nicest ones I've seen are here http://www.adirondack-guide-

-- Steve Borghardt (, June 29, 2003.

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