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I have just bought late 2000 f4 1 + 1. Is there a more informative handbook around for us minor diy'ers. For instance chain adjustment seems to imply 6mm gap between lowest part of chain and the tip of "triangular" side panel on swinging arm ,on other bikes I have owned it was measured as "total" movement / free play of chain . At the moment mine measures about 12mm as per handbook , but the chain probably has at least 45mm of free play. On the one hand , 6mm of free play would seem a little tight , but 6mm as handbook implies , seems rather slack , although I know it may shorten with me sat on bike , but it doesn't say set with rider on bike ! The seller told me the back brake was useless but I didn't realise how useless until I rode it home from the purchase.The rear brake pedal went down so far it was hitting the fairing . I have adjusted it on threaded bar on piston plunger , but I suspect that there is air in the system as there is about 10mm of travel before any pressure felt on pedal. How hot do they get ? I rode it home about 80 miles and then was messing about with clock settings etc while on tickover and when I moved bike later I could see that the coolant had leaked from overflow / pressure relief pipe. Looking at the inside of belly pan I can tell from the blue stain that this has happened a few times . It has got the two radiators . Had the bike a week , rode just the once from the seller , what have I done I thought , very uncomfortable , wrist / neck ache , but the sound of the silmoto exhausts when I opened her up and the looks ! Even my wife , a non bike fan , said "Now that's what I call a gorgeous looking bike" . The bike does not run very well at low revs on silmoto's , but there is a firm that can set these up correctly . I think they are a bit on the loud side and will attract police attention ,so will be changing back to stock after at least a couple of rideouts . May get RG3 set up later on if finances permit and not much aggravation from SWMBO but this depends on how well bike runs on stock pipes and if there is any significant weight saving. I am a shortass ( 29 inch inside leg ) and any weight saving gives me a little bit more confidence holding bike up on tippy toe.

I live near Coleford in Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire , any reccommendations for servicing ? Baines racing are around 1 1/2 hours away , there was a dealer in Bristol ( 1 hr) but I think that he has closed down.

-- Daryl Yemm (, June 13, 2003


Daryl, you may want to take it to an authorized dealer just to make sure the bike is set up correctly.

In regards to the rear brake, they actually do work and should not hit the fairing. It may be good to bleed both front and rear brakes. Once bled, I found they're both very strong (relatively speaking of course).

In terms of the coolant leaking, yes, if overfilled it will leak. MVs do run hot because their isn't much space between the engine and fairing for air to flow or for heat to exit. In traffic and on a hot day in Arizona (around 110 degrees), mine can run in the 212 to 222 range. Normal summer temp and while moving, it can be in the 180 to 200 range. During temperatures that the rest of the world enjoys (60 to 90 degrees) the MV will run from 165 to 180.

The MV's not very comfortable, but it pays itself back when riding in the canyons or a track day. It was design to be a narrow focus bike.

In terms of not running well at low revs, the MV should run well at any rpms. It should NOT have a rough/unstable idle. It should NOT stttuttther are certain rpms. If it doesn't rev well, it's usually do to the CO mixture (which is very sensitive to adjust) or an adjustment in the throttle bodies.

So, I think a trip to a dealer that has a service manual and knows the proper specification would be the best thing. I bought my 2000 MV used and it ran terribly (stalled, stuttered at 5K rpm) because the original dealer's poor setup! Once everything was adjusted (CO and throttlebodies), that MV ran very well. After that MV was totaled in an accident, I got a 2002 model and the rear brakes worked well. After a 3,000 mile service, it became weak and hit the fairing. I had the dealer readjust it and now it's fine. Hope this helps. So far, at 5,500 miles, my 2002 is running very well! :)

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, June 13, 2003.

daryl i have a 2000 mv, silmoto exhaust, it ran badly until 5000 revs, bought a Co monitor after the dealer said it was perfect, he lied after setting the Coto 4.5 %its much better, just fitted a power commander with good results. re the rear brake new high temp fliud and a bleed session it works ok.

good luck with the bike rode mine last night into the back end of kent, big grin factor,enjoy andy

-- andrew finch (, June 13, 2003.


The CO adjustment seems to affect smooth running at low revs especially and yes it is quite sensetive. If you change the pipes and chip it becomes difficult to adjust and I find you have to turn the CO adjustment all the way just to obtain a resonable idle. The dealer claims he set the throttle bodies and CO properly at the last service so in conclusion it may be that a Power Commander will do the job.

As far as the rear brake is concerned, the master cylinder is a bit too close to the exhoust pipes and the fluid is known to boil over loosing its viscosity. Apart from bleed and adjustments I seen people wrap the master cylinder with heat insulating material and tough foil to improve matters. I havn't done it my self but I may try it out.


-- Daniel (, June 16, 2003.

Daryl,Theres a guy I know who works in Cheltenham who is Fully MV trained he may do the service work for you ( he is coming to do some work on mine this Friday If you are interested I will have a word with him and pass you his details regards Les

-- Les Spragg (, June 23, 2003.

Hi Les, Are you local to Cheltenham or not too far away from me ? Maybe we can meet up sometime , be a rarity to see Two MV's in this neck of the woods. Has this chap got equipment to set up engine , C02 , throttle bodies etc ?

-- Daryl Yemm (, June 24, 2003.

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