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hi my name is german,i would like to know if somebody can advise me how can i improve my breastroke training program,i would like to exchange ideas with somebody.......

-- German Garcia Garcia (, June 12, 2003


the phrase i am using to properly describe breastroke swimming to my athletes is "kick to catch" there is constant movement in the stroke cycle where you always begin the stroke in the streamline position.

what do you think?

-- mischa sommerville (, November 01, 2003.

Hey I think that workin on the position of your head and the pull- kick-glide motion is a big deal..i'm a breaststroker and that'z what i've worked on a lot..and snapping your knees and keeping your knees close together..and turns! TURNS will kill you!!

-- Karah Osterberg (, November 24, 2003.

i think that all you need to mainly do is concentrate on your kick, make sure that your feet slap together at the end of a kick this gives you that extra propoltion. if yo are swimming shortcourse it is also a good idea to work on your turns! its amazing how much time you can get off by getting these faster and more smooth!! tell me if this is any help

-- leeny (, February 02, 2005.

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