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The time is drawing near, WSB @ Laguna Seca July 11,12,& 13. Are we MV riders going to meet or what? How bout some feedback on who is in and who is not. Perhaps some ideas from the gallery.

-- greg petersen (, June 12, 2003


I'll be there working at the Motowheels booth on turn 3

-- martin (, June 12, 2003.

I will be attending with some friends on Sunday.. Would love to meet up - name a spot and I will be there...

Alex 2002 F4s

-- Alex (, June 13, 2003.

how about the montery fishermans warf , ther's a cool little coffee shop on the pier and we won't wake hotel folk . i'll be there at 8 am friday and saturday .hope to see ya .unfotunatly i'll be in a ferrari wish i was riding . oh well next year . i would like to fallow you guys with A "DIGICAM" BIGBEARDAVE


Now we are cooking, coffee or breakfast sounds good, we can choose that spot after we all meet. I'm thinking that Embassy Suites is still the place to hook up, easy to find, centrally located, we can cruise from there. Plus there is a butt load of fellow riders there, we can give them an eyefull of what a real bike looks like! How about Sat. morning at 8:00, Embassy Suites? Alex, will you be around on Saturday? Martin, can you do coffe before you have to go to the track? Let's put it together!

-- greg petersen (, June 13, 2003.

Will you let someone with a Senna join? Martin should have my bike but End of the Month.

-- aspinner (, June 13, 2003.

ok i'm gunna fallow , so you guys pick it . i'll stand by . bigbeardave


I'm not sure if I can make it to Breakfast. I may have to get to the track to open the booth SAT morning. If you want to meet at our booth later, STM is bringing their sponsored riders (Chili and others) on SAT to sign posters. Cycle Cat may have a prototype bar riser for the MV. We may have some "Umbrella Girls" there as well shooting photos on our display bikes...

-- martin (, June 14, 2003.

Can my bike join your crew of MV as displays? -ASpinner

-- aspinner (, June 14, 2003.


You know I'm will Larry with his Senna as well. It looks like saturday is my only day of attendance this year....see all of you there!!

-- val (, June 14, 2003.

Yea I'm down. I'll be there at least Saturday and Sunday, maybe Friday as well.


-- Andrew Happ (ahapp@mindspring.como), June 14, 2003.



Val, it's possible we may have four Senna's together at once, with the other MV's, that is a great photo moment. I'm with BBDave, let's pick a spot. Will Embassy Suites work for you guys? If it does, what time is good for everyone. I'll be there from Wednesay through Monday, I can do any time. Martin, do you want a few Senna's at your stand, maybe we can do a fly by, get a few pics. We are only three weeks away, let's dial this in.

-- greg petersen (, June 16, 2003.

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