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For those of you interested in how many 2002 MV Agusta F4s were shipped to the USA, my dealer is telling me 300-350 per version/paint scheme (ie. 300 Silver F4 1+1, 300 Silver F4 Monos, 300 Red/Silver Monos Etc). Its not a difinitive source but it seems to match what I've been hearing from other MV Agusta owners.

Also for those of you in the USA Midwest I highly recommend Corse Superbike dealer and shop in Saukville, Wisc...Most perfessional mechanic shop BY FAR, best selling floor, and greatest customer service versus all of the bike shops I've visited in the Chicagoland area out of Italian and Japanese locations.


-- Adam (, June 11, 2003


Virgil, Cory, Scott, Trevor, Dan and the entire ducati racing team - Greatest motorcycle store ever.

-- aspinner (, June 12, 2003.

I would have to argue with that. Take your estimate of around 1000 total coming in and devide it by the number of dealers. Did you honestly see that many in the showrooms. We all know that in 2002 there werent too many to go around. Heck i had to wait over 8 months to see a silver 1+1 for 2001 model year. If there were that many, we would see a huge increase in the amount of preowned ones for sale. 300-350 total is a much more believeable number. My dealer got maybe 4 in last year which included one Senna.

-- Rob (, June 12, 2003.

Hey I'd love to be proved wrong, and find out there's even fewer F4's out there...that makes them even more valuable. I sure wish MV Agusta would return any of my email asking this question. You'd think after spending almost $20 grand on one of their bikes, and being one of a small group of customers that they'd have no problem answering a question like this..ugh!!!


-- Adam (, June 13, 2003.

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