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Today my mechanic took me to the back of his workshop to show me what happens on the later evolution f4's due to the thinner valve stems. Apparently what MV did is shave off 2mm of the last inch or so of the valve stem bringing it down from 5mm to 3mm. Now when the high engine temperature gets to them they just bend, and then boom a big hole in the piston (2 in this case)and a shattered cylinder head, painfull. So all of you out there owner of new machines take care how you treat your baby.

-- Daniel Webb (, June 11, 2003


"...happens on the later evolution f4's"

Yikes!!!! What "later years" are you referring to?

interested '02 owner...

-- Scot Hennon (scot/, June 11, 2003.

The models affected by the new thinner valve stems are Evo02 and Evo03, the higher powered f4's. Apparently had they been manufactured from better materials the problem could have been avoided. The 2000 and 2001 models (126BHP machines)are safe in this respect.

The circumstances under which a failiur will occur are not clear but my guess is that bikes which are habitually pushed hard, like on the track, on high stress and temperature could be affected. The problem could have been avoided had better quality steel or even titanium had been used at manufacturing.

For all of us to remember is that NO SPARE PARTS are leaving the MV factory for the forseeable. The owner who blown his motor had to have new valves specially and privatly manufactured, of better materials and at a cost, to rebuild the engine.

-- Daniel Webb (, June 12, 2003.

One case (and the only one I've heard of it's kind) isn't exactly a trend.


-- James (, June 12, 2003.

Firstly, I direct everyone see my response to Mr. Webb on the email string to "New or used f4?" which started on the 6th.

WEbb: Are you an mv owner? Why are you bashing the 02? Also I just read the above string where you say no spare parts are coming out of the factory? Completely untrue. Come see the spares I just received in three weeks.

-- mike (, June 12, 2003.


I seem to have attracted a string attacks and abuse, yes I am an MV owner, Year 2000 MV F4 (#1551), which I am happy with and totaly taken by. The information I reported is not my personal opinion, I'll keep and own this beuitfull machine come what may, I got this from UK dealers who incidently are forced to buy complete bikes for breaking just to obtain parts for bikes awaiting spares on order from MV for many months. I agree that one incident is not a trend but I heard about it before I saw it with my own eyes, and beleive me, I hope its not a trend. As far as the chap claiming he is able to obtain spares no problem...tell us your secret....because herehin the UK it aint't happeni'n.

-- Daniel (, June 16, 2003.

I am in the US, I have a 2002 EVO2 F4S.

Parts are not a problem here. My engine only has 200 miles. I bought the bike to collect - I had a 2000 F4S that was ALL problems. The 2002 seems much more powerful and dependable...

-- Jeremy Riga (, June 16, 2003.

as an owner of an f4s evo 2 a bike which i am very happy the only spares have been service ones just had my dealer has said that spares are a problem even stuff like clutch levers(dont drop)your best toy! come on mv shape up or let other firms fill the gaps.. still a great ride.

-- philip stevenson (, November 03, 2003.

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