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For anybody needing Espresso Systems in South Florida, please contact me.

I am a new distributor and have started a program which offers a free Espresso/Cappuccino system. No gimmicks.

If interested please call 305-531-8876 to set up an appointment.

-- Daniel Lopez (, June 10, 2003


I am looking for a Cappuccino mach I have a small Rest./Coffee shop but not quite big enough to spend a lot on a real nice mach but I have alot of coffee/Cappuccino traffic if you can help me this is my e-mail my phone 574-834-7335 hours 6am to 4pm monday thru friday 2am to 2pm sat. and sun. i would appricate anything you can do thank you Tina McGuire

Toastina's cafe 104 N. Main St N. Webster IN. 46555

-- Tina McGuire (, June 24, 2003.

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