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Rossi model RR45A 80click settings This is a precision Italian made commercial grinder built by Gino Rossi. It is a model RR45a.(110V AC) It is fully automatic and features an extremly accurate doser. The grind setting dial has been upgraded from a factory standard of 40 clicks to 80 clicks for enhanced grinding precision. Grinder is extremely well built, it has solid aluminum body with black enamel surface. Operation is extremely solid. With the exception of one small chip on the bottom edge, the paint is in perfect condition(no other scratches or blemishes). Grinder operates flawlessly and has never had any problems. The grinder has been extremely well maintained and has been carefully cleaned inside and out before being put on sale. This is a handsome and very solidly built grinder, one that you can be proud to own. If there are any further questions or for pictures please contact me through email( This model retails for $660 new(with a 40 click dial), i am asking for $400. Given the excellent condition of the machine and the upgraded grind settings i think this price is more than reasonable.

-- Michael Lew (, June 10, 2003


How old is the grinder? How old are the burrs? If you have a photo to email that would be great.

-- Scott McCurley (, June 26, 2003.

Grinder hasnt seen much use for the past year and a half, as the shop it was in has actually started buying pre ground espresso. I would estimate the grinder to be between 3-4 years old, i think it was manufactured in 1999. The following is a link to a makeshift site with a couple pics. The burrs seem sharp to me but i've never really looked closely at a brand new burr so i guess i cant really say much. I've included a close up pic of the top burr in the following page as well, please check it out.

-- Michael Lew (, June 28, 2003.

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