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Just thought I'd pass on a bit of info I got from a Solicitor friend of mine. He advised that if (as in my situation) you meet someone with a shortfall in a previous life and you own a property yourself the best thing to do to stop the Building Societies, Banks, Leeches etc. etc. getting their grubby little hands on anything you do together is to make out a pre-nuptial agreement stating that your partner has no beneficial interest in anything you own and/or build up together. Also as has been advised previously on this site put or keep everything into the person who is not involved's name. Properties have definitely, unfortunately, begun to drop in my region, some quite significantly so I bet those lovely little people in the financial (ahem) world are already rubbing their hands together.

-- Chris (, June 10, 2003


I've heard this too

But not seen a court case regarding shortfall where a claimant has chased a third partys assetts.

No doubt will happen at some point

-- fairer financial world (, July 09, 2003.


Absolutely, and I always think it's better to be safer than sorry. Thanks for the earlier info regarding H,S&E being taken over by Drydens. We've been following the advice on this site and last heard from H,S&E in October 2002 when we advised them to stop confusing my fiance with his ex-wife. We would have been most bewildered if a letter had come through from Drydens so forewarned is forearmed if we now receive anything. It's good to have someone like yourself who seems to have some insider information.

-- Chris (, July 10, 2003.

i almost did, they are now on the look out at the L/reg for names etc,i have got first hand experience of this and inside info of the record.

so anyone out their with assets be warned if you negotiate ,dont hang around.

they have all info,if you rub them the wrong way things get nasty.

it's not worth the stress .

-- Mohaqmmed (, July 11, 2003.

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