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Did the FDR funeral train, traveling on Souther Railway tracks, pass through the Southern Railway Station in north Charlotte, NC, in April, 1945? Specifically, if anyone knows for sure, did it pass through the North Tryon Street station near where the huge checkered Ralston Purina silos were? I'm certain I saw the train, that it had a flag on the car carrying the President's body. But I was five at the time, and my mother, who took me, is senile. Although she recalls this event, her memory is questionable.

-- A. J. Mayhew (ajmayhew@mindspring.com), June 09, 2003


I don't know the answer either, but am an interested history buff. I also live here in Charlotte having moved here in Feb of 72 while Nixon was walking the Great Wall of China. I was born in Los Angeles. I am 56 years old. FDR was a very interesting person and I have often wondered whether his funeral train passed through Charlotte. The proximity of Charlotte between Warm Springs and Washinton DC seems to indicate that it is entirely possible. Have you heard or learned anything since your posting of this message? pml

-- Peter M Lowry (plowry@carolina.rr.com), March 05, 2004.

My Uncle Tom has shared a memory of FDR's train passing through Maples, Indiana, just east of Fort Wayne, IN. His siblings don't know what he is talking about!! Do you know of any way to ascertain a train route of that funeral trip? My Uncle Tom now has a renewed interest in history and has just checked out a library card to research more. I would love to provide him with a route map? Any ideas? He would have been seven years old at the time.

-- Jo Bauman (baumanj@ipfw.edu), June 30, 2004.

I have to assume the FDR funeral train took the main line of the Southern Railroad northbound, once it got to Atlanta. Thus, it would have gone through whatever stations were on that route in Charlotte at the time. It's eventual destination, of course, was Hyde Park, N.Y.

-- bill haithcoat (bhaithcoat@ajc.com), October 25, 2004.

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