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I am contemplating purchasing an MV Augusta. The nearest dealer is too far away to take the bike in for service, so I cannot own the bike unless I do all the maintenance my self..

Does anyone know if the sevice manual for the MVs are thorough and of good quality?

Also, does anyone know if the camshafts are gear driven or chain driven? thanks, Tony

-- Antonio F. Garcia (, June 08, 2003


Hi Antonio,

the camshafts are chain driven.


-- roland (, June 09, 2003.

good luck getting a service manual, if you get one. PLEASE let me know. The only problem i had was with my 6000 mile service. for some reason the dealer had a hard time getting the gasket to fit properly and made it leak oil right onto the exhaust. took about three trips to get it fixed and i had to get a new valve cover gasket. i have heard of a few others with the same issue. the engine is pretty much straight forward though as far as i know

-- Robbie (, June 09, 2003.


Good luck with the service manual, I havn't seen one yet. The Cams are chain driven through the centre of the block between cylinder 2&3.


-- Daniel Webb (, June 16, 2003.

ive got what doesnt exist workshop manual for f4 serie oro engine only quote part no 8a0092871 cannot say how i got this as political but iff you look hard through this site you will find full parts list ido all my own engine work with no problems done shims/clutch out /gearbox out /head off cheaper to have some internals made @ a good engineers than to wait for factory done 38,000 miles no major problems except resale value due to milage hope this helps you good luck paul

-- paul (, June 17, 2003.

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