Dear Sirs, I am pleased to introduce our famous brand of Vietnamese coffee QUOTATION Many thanks for your interest in Trung Nguyen coffee. We are pleased to give you the best price of ground coffee of Trung Nguyen brand as follows: FOB HoChiMinh Unit Price (USD/CTN) Culi Robusta 29.87 Robusta Arabica 35.02 Arabica Se 41.20 Premium Culi 46.35 Culi Arabica 57.68 Chon 90.64 Chari Arabica 46.35 All products are packaged in foil bags of 100grs or/and 500grs netNet weight of CTN = 10kgs.

House Blend 35.02 Packaged in paper boxes of 250grs or 500grs netNet Weight of CTN = 10kgs.

Premier Blend 33.99 32.96 198grs/can x 24 cans/CTN425grs/can x 12 can/CTN.

Espresso Grade 1 65.92 Espresso Grade 2 45.32 500grs/bag x 20bags/CTN.

Validity: 30 days from the date of this quotation. Payment: TT or L/C Minimum ordered quantity: 60 CTNS Shipment time: about 10 days after contract For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us at the address: Trung Nguyen Coffee Co., Ltd. 304/61 Dao Duy Anh St., Phu nhuan District, HoChiMinh City Tel: (848) 8447458 / 8475985 / 9970487 Fax: (848) 8442083 or email Or visit our web site at

Thank you and look forward to receiving your order.

Best Regards, Duong Trinh Tung

-- Duong Trinh Tung (, June 07, 2003


Hello there.

Qua su introdution cua ban. Toi muon biet ro hon ve mat hang ca phe cua ban bang tieng Viet, va ca luon gia ca thi truong hien dang ban trong thanh pho hay tai VN. Neu ban co the cho minh biet luon moi loai ca phe cua ban xuat phat tu dau va o dau thi goi la noi tieng nhat.

1). Ban co the gioi thieu cho minh biet loi ca phe nao tot va hap dan nhat. 2). Mat hang ca phe nao ma da lam cho ca phe Trung Nguyen cua ban noi tieng den the.

3). Va ban co the gioi thieu cho minh biet neu nhu minh muon co duoc loai ca phe nhu la Starburk, thi loai nao co the sanh duoc.

4). Loai ca phe nao tu trung binh ma nguoi VN minh thuong dung nhat.

5). Loai ca phe nao ban co the gioi thieu cho minh nen nhap ban tai nouc ngoai.

Ban co the hoi am cho minh biet gap nhe. Cam on.


-- Elaine Neang (, August 19, 2003.

Keith Do hien tai dang co thi truong tieu thu Coffee and tea tai U.S.A. Xin cho biet coffee Trung Nguyen co dai li tai U.S.A chua? Neu chua Keith Do co the distribute Trung nguyen coffee duoc khong?

Thank you very much. Please answer ASAP.

Keith Do

-- Keith Do (, August 22, 2003.

gia cafe

-- diep (, June 15, 2004.

toi muon biet gia ca phe hien nay la bao nhieu?

-- thanh minh (, March 15, 2005.

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