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Hi Guys and Gals,

Just bought an F4 and cannot seem to get the mirrors adjusted high enough to see properly! Am I missing something or are the mirrors just not capable of bring adjusted to suit a 6 foot rider? Is there something that can be done "aftermarket" to get a semi decent rearview?



-- Dave G (vfrbhoy@btopenworld.com), June 07, 2003



I felt the same when I went from an RSV Mille to the F4. The trick is to raise your left arm & look under it then tuck your right arm in & look over it I think. Or maybe the other way round. Any way believe me you do get use to them.

Enjoy, its a fantastic bike.


-- Tony H (thilson@talk21.com), June 07, 2003.

You could also play with the two screws that mount the mirror to the fairing. This allows some extra range of adjustment. Don't push around the glass of the mirror as they are known to break.

The bike is not a tourer, so don't expect great views. I am 6' and the best I managed was to adjust so that I can see behind me from the edge of the mirror and little to the sides by shifting my head sideways. While this helps spotting the state police pacing you from behind, it is of limited use for changing lanes in traffic.

-- Yannis (ydoganis@rcn.com), June 07, 2003.

Dave ,

Was that six foot wide or tall? You need your eyes front scanning for cameras and parked white vans anyway. Aftermarket the best thing is probably Yoga to develop the flexibility for all the required body tweaks you will aquire to achieve a semi decent rearview , or possibly picture of Kylie's bum stuck over the speedo? I'm 5 5" and I have to dip a shoulder and tuck an arm, its automatic now, brain says look and body does it thing. Ian scotland.

-- Ian paterson (ian.w.paterson@btopenworld.com), June 07, 2003.

Hi Ian Just bought my 2000 f4 , How do you get on with seat height ? I am similarly vertically challenged as they say , 5 ft 6 . I was told that you could adjust ride-height on the linkage , but it looks as though mine is already on lowest setting. Baines Racing told me not to mess about with shock


-- Daryl Yemm (daryl@peps.com), June 09, 2003.

As far as the mirrors are concerned you can stick some round convexes the sort used on cars, can get them from any car accessory shop. You attach them in the center (double sided tape supplied) and can click rotate them for best view. Helps particularly for lane changing view. Still use the edge of the mirrors for close-up work.

Ride hight, each full turn = 2.5mm, mark the nut. usually 2 turns will get you a drop of 5mm. To retain the bike geometry it is advised to drop the front by the same. Best done by a proffesional.

-- Daniel Webb (pril@voicenet.uk.net), June 11, 2003.

I tried the convex car stick ons for about 6 months, still couldn't see a thing. After that I very carefully prized them off. Mirrors now seem great. After 6 months of seeing F'all its nice to get a view.

Daniel - I think we met at the Ace the other night, don't forget you did say you would join the club.


-- Mark Magenis (m.magenis@btinternet.com), June 16, 2003.

Halfords sell replacement glass for car mirrors for about a fiver with a blind spot wide angle section near the outside edge. Just need to cut a template of your mirror, go to your local glazier and he'll cut it (another fiver). Sticks right over the broken glass. I've gone through 2 right hand mirrors just trying to get some vision out of it - the first was replaced under warranty as I argued that the bike wasn't fit for road riding! Still managed to break it again a couple of years later. I tried the convex round mirror stick ons but they made things worse as far as I'm concerned as they lost me the under the arm vision that I had before.

-- nigel pasea (nigel@newtonmoreadvisors.com), June 16, 2003.

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