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Last Tuesday, I was getting ready to leave Miami on the Silver Meteor at 7:00 am. Right before we left, a CSX GP39-2 stopped on the mainline, opposite the station. Couple to the engine were 2 stainless steel passenger cars and 2 freight cars. The car next to the engine had S E A B O A R D across the letterboard and might have been numbered 6300. The next car had purple Atlantic Coast Line lettering across the letterboard and appeared to be numbered 224 or 227. It appeared to have a squared off observation end coupled to the SAL car. The number is a ACL coach number. I am no expert on old stuff, so I didn't recognized the window arrangement. Did anyone catch these or know about them? They sure were purty! William

-- William Billy (, June 06, 2003


For even more info, look at our home page over to the right hand side where it says Focus on Folkston. Mr Dean has quite a little write up about those cars.

-- John Buckley (, June 08, 2003.

Response to ACL/SAL passenger cars in MIA

The ACL car you saw was #254 a Budd Tavern Lounge Observation built in 1940 both cars are on there way to the Florida Gold Coast Museum.

-- Gary Riccio (, June 06, 2003.

Response to ACL/SAL passenger cars in MIA

Just found out that SAL 6300 is a Budd tavern-lounge-coach. Don't know about the ACL car.


-- William Billy (, June 06, 2003.

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