tim hortons outlet in Winchester ontario

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I am sending this short e-mail to find out how I can be able to make many senior people happy by having a tim hortons outlet in Winchester ontario Many seniors in winchester have no means of transportation to any other tim horton outlet for a delicious cup of COFFEE so we desperately need an out let here. also the student here would be able to have a job working at tim hortons this would keep a lot of people happy Margaret

-- margaret doornwaard (m.doornwaard@sympatico.ca), June 06, 2003


Bring it on!!! They should have brought one here long ago!!!! I know almost all of the towm would use the outlet and I'm sure all the farmers would appreciate a nice cup of coffee at milking time.

-- danielle (danielle_tobin@hotmail.com), November 05, 2003.

Am South bound on 31 from Ottawa almost daily. The congestion in traffic at the Tim's at Blossom Park is just phenominal. Sure hope the Tim's in Winchester has convenient in and out entrances other than from the 31. The merge in Winchester is going to become a hair raiser. Who needs senior citizen's snarling the traffic?! I meet some 600 cars between Winchester and Ottawa on a busy morning. It is slow to try to get into the Tims at Blossom Park and park for that precious morning fix on the way home. Thank you for traffic signals. The drive through at Blossom Park needs a traffic light right in the parking lot!

-- Carol Hart (carol22hart@aol.com), September 05, 2004.

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