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Hi everyone, I'm proud to announce that I've started a tribute band for one of the greatest and most influential bands ever.. Faith No More! We had our first rehearsal last night and it went really well. Only thing is, we need a keyboard player, fast because we already have a potential gig at Bill's at the end of July. Anyone interested may reply here or e-mail me at with your info. The first round of songs that we'll be working on are as follows: We Care Alot Epic Falling to Peices Surprise Your Dead Midlife Crisis Jizzlobber Caffeine Ricochet Digging the Grave Gentle Art Get Out Cuckoo For Caca Ashes to Ashes Last Cup of Sorrow Stripsearch Mouth to Mouth

Ofcourse no one will be expected to know all of these right away, but do your best to know as many as possible when you come down. We will be rehearsing a few times a month in and/or around the Boston area. Everyone in the band is already in other bands, so this is a side thing for all. The one requirement we have is that you be a big fan of the band that we're paying homage to, though I'm sure that we will make some money doing this, it's really about the lovage! Peace, Mike

-- Mike (, June 06, 2003


I'm afraid I can't help you. "Faith no more" doesn't describe my life. Ever since I've discovered Jesus is real, and He can change your life, "Faith galore" would be more my motto. Felt compelled to share this.

-- Ann (, January 19, 2005.

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