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As the topic speaks for it self, i would ddeply appreciate some help on how to get to these places... Also, some trail directions would be great too! P.S Is the Kajang Downhill still there?Heard that it is being torn apart to make way for a highway....also do the offroads mentioned above have very steep descents?Can newbies ride them?Especially the Kajang one? Sorry for the many questions.....thanks in advance to all who help! :)

-- Terjin (, June 06, 2003


Ladang Bukit Lagong:

The last time I was there (November 2002) it was badly overgrown but in it's day it was a lovely place to ride; lots of interesting double track, lots of hills but not too technical. Very shaded and scenic.

Proceed North on the North-South Expressway, take exit 116 for Rawang. - Set trip meter to zero at toll. - 0.4 km turn right at t-junction - At 2.1km turn right at traffic lights. (There is a Petronas station on the right just before the lights.) - Follow this road throught the industrial estate over multiple speed bumps and after the last factory on the left, turn left. Park along this road (at about 4.0km). On your left will be a factory, on your right will be a cleared area.

To find the trails cross the empty area to the rubber estate. There is generally a faint track leading across the open ground that leads to a singletrack break in the trees. Only a few meters through the trees you will encounter the plantation access road. Go right. After that it's up to you, there are several kilometers worth of plantation roads to follow, including two tunnels that cross under the North South Expressway to gain access to more plantation on the other side. As with any plantation it's easy to get lost so a GPS is a great help when it comes time to find your way home.

Rawang Country Homes:

I can't describe how to find the actual trailhead from memory, (which is a sad comment on my memory as I was one of the hares.) I have all this from GPS so if you want all the tracklogs just say. Here's a start though:

Exit at Rawang Toll. Zero tripmeter at toll plaza. 0.4 km turn left at t-junction. 3.7km turn right at traffic lights to Bandar Country Homes.

At approximately 4.6 kms you should pass a Mobil station on your right followed by a row of shops. (This is where we parked for the hash in January 2003.) At the end of the row of shops take a right. Follow this downhill roughly 500 meters to the first roundabout, take the 9 o'clock exit. Follow this road for approximately 1 kilometer; at this point I can't remember exact details but you are getting near the northeastern edge of the Country Homes development. You will have to go right and then left through the residential are until you can see a large area of new construction.

Somewhere across that large area of new construction (Northeast corner if you want a hint) there is a dirt road of recent construction but no obvious purpose. Explore!

Kajang Downhill:

There is more than one downhill in Kajang and I couldn't begin to describe how to get to any of them, it's just too difficult. Keep your ears open for people riding the area as sooner or later everyone seems to. One of the favorites is called "Busybody" and in April 2003 it was still there, although a bunch of singletrack at the base of it was gone to construction. If you ride them slowly most of the trails are not overly technical as they are created by the rubber tappers, but the difficulty goes up exponentially as your speed increases. At high speed they are scary fun.

I hope all that helps.


-- Pat Brunsdon (, June 16, 2003.

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