2002 MV Special Parts Bike for Sale

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This bike has MV Special Parts Titanium exhaust, and chip, carborn fibre heat shield, and other extras. All added items are MV Special Parts. No after market at all. 1,000 miles. Absolutely beautiful. This is number 24 of 50 with certicate of authenticity.

-- Marcia Setter (Marpos@chartermi.net), June 05, 2003


I heard someone on the forum said you are asking 36K for the bike. Is that true?

-- ASpinner (agusta_spinner@hotmail.com), June 06, 2003.

Actually $35,000.00 if interested, I can send some pictures. also has a pit stand.

-- Marcia Setter (Marpos@chartermi.net), June 06, 2003.

The 2002 MV Special parts bike for sale is at priced at what is into the bike, and nothing more. I'm sure down the line, this bike will be a real keepsake.

-- Marcia Setter (Marpos@chartermi.net), June 10, 2003.

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