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Has anyone fitted a set of Ferracci bar risers to their F4? What are they like to fit and do they work ?

-- Nick Dickens (, June 05, 2003


I am glad I finally did it. Only problem: the electric switch on the left side , below the lever , interfer with the fork, I had to shave it with a file.

-- o (, June 05, 2003.

I think there they are great and didn't have to do any filing.

-- Scott K (, June 05, 2003.

I have it too. They are great and did not have to file off anything. Suggest you go with the polished finish as the tumble finish is not the same as the finish of the top triple tree.

-- Andy K. Chan (, June 06, 2003.

They are a definite plus. No more thumb crunching on the frame.

-- Adam (, June 08, 2003.

Thanks lads. Where did you buy the risers? From Ferracci direct or do they have a UK agent?

-- nick dickens (, June 08, 2003.

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