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Please help, Am looking for some of you real modelers out there to tell me the best method of tinting ( blue-green ) my passenger car ( con-cor,rivarrosi,and ihc) windows to match the prototype car windowow tinting.Sure would appreciate your inputs.

Thanks for your time, John Hill

-- John W. Hill (, June 05, 2003


I have used two methods to simulate tinted passenger car windows. The first is to use a thin plastic overlay that I got at a stage lighting co. in my city. they are called jells. A 20x20 sheet sells for about $8.00. Ther are about 30 differnt shades to choose from. The second method is to put a small drop of window tinting color between two pieces of microscope slip cover glasses. The tint material was purchased at an art supply store. Good luck.

-- Ron Dettmer (, June 05, 2003.

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