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Hey everyone. I just thought that you guys might want to know that the Roundhouse Complex in Savannah, GA is getting a new car. It's an ex-CofG business car. I don't have a lot of info on it. It't the business car "Atlanta" I think. Its last owner was a lumber company. Not sure of the details. Maybe someone knows more about this than me?

Later, Jason Castine

-- Jason Castine (, June 05, 2003



The Central of Georgia's office car ATLANTA was moved into the Roundhouse Complex in Savannah on Tuesday, June 3, 2003. Previously, it had been at Atlantic Wood Industries in Port Wentworth.

Although I wasn't able to get to Savannah for the move, we have received several photographs of the ATLANTA in its new home, and I imagine that Ron Wright will have an article posted on the web site shortly.

The move of the ATLANTA is quite significant, as now two of the Central of Georgia's three steel office cars are at the Roundhouse in Savannah (COLUMBUS and ATLANTA). The other steel office car, SAVANNAH, is still owned by Norfolk Southern.

The Roundhouse is also home to the only existing Central of Georgia (and prior to that, Central Railroad & Banking Co.) wooden "Inspection Car."

-- Allen Tuten (, June 05, 2003.

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