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Hi, We are considering starting an espresso trailer business--we figure on spending less than $50K to get it going. Is this realistic? Also, we want to take the time to find a really excellent location. We are in the SF Bay Area. Is it realistic to think that, in a good location we could net $5K per month? Really appreciate hearing from you experienced folks out there. Thanks.

-- nick kartana (, June 05, 2003


what type of 'trailer' are you thinking of? A permanent Drive up type, or a portable serve where you are type?

With both types what you need is Location, location, location. The large chains have snapped up most corners, malls, office buildings, etc. Unfortunaltly for you there will be plenty of competition in the SF Bay Area, thats where I am located also.

What part of the Bay Area are you in, and what part do you want to open?

-- David Lee (, June 05, 2003.

Nick, Property in the Bay Area would be prohibitive for a budget under $50K. A nice modular building alone ( ) will cost around $50K-$70K, depending on how it is equipped. And lets face it, no one in the bay area is going to drive up to a little shack in the middle of a parking lot to buy a latte! I suggest you consider some location just on the outskirts of you area; some place where the morning drive is on the RIGHT SIDE of the road. And by that I don't mean the "correct" side, I mean it's on the right, during the morning commute, and it had better be an easy-in, easy-out location. Take a look at and see what they say. It's a great site for the beginner!!

-- NOT bradpitt (, July 11, 2003.

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