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There's a place I go through every once in a while. I don't know how it got the name of Zwolle (ZUH-Wally), but it's hidden behind the big lake over on the western state line of Louisianna, and you wouldn't go there unless you were going there. A single stoplight controls the non-existant traffic where the two highways meet in the old downtown. The railroad tracks run east-west and there is a little grassy park with a wooden bandstand, silently peeling it's last 20 year-old paint job.

On the north side of the intersection, the remaining relics of downtown stretch for two blocks, the two story brick of a long defunt bank anchoring the string of old lumber-money testaments. The end of the row is given over to moldering wooden buildings that nobody cares enough about to even tear down.

But right in the middle of the old strand stands a building not only occupied, but hustling with business. This building has cars parked in front; has unbroken windows and lights over the front doors. It's the home of the Zwolle Tamale Company.

Zwolle Tamales, Zwolle Tamales, Zwolle Tamales; how I love the sound of that! If you're ever venturing along the back roads in west Louisianna, take a minute and go a little astray. And try the tamales, Zwolle tamales - they're great!

(now tell us about a place YOU go by once in a while...)

-- Lon (, June 05, 2003



-- Lon (, June 05, 2003.

but, but, but, but I haven't gotten there yet ...

(On a honeymoon to the Bahamas for our 25th andneveradversary celebration next week......)

Can I write later?

-- Robert & Jean Cook (RobertCook@GA.herewith Lon), June 06, 2003.

woe, woe, oh woe is me. The unfairness of it all.....the unjustice.. the cosmic karma rip-off which is my fate.....I'm nothing, I tell you, nothing.....I'm the gum under the seat in the grand theater of life!

Robert and Jean get to go to the Bahamas, and all I get to do on our andneveradversary is get a dental appointment. On Friday the 13th, no less!!!! WOE! all is woe..............

(be safe and have FUN! Being the accomplished world traveler that I am, I happen to know one very useful phrase in Bahamanian......"Yo waiter,...two more of these, please".)

-- Lon (, June 07, 2003.

Robert, enjoy your anniversary trip to the Bahamas!!!! Is Jean really going with you? I'd have thought the kids would be left behind :-) I'll look forward to hearing about your trip - a Robert postcard is an unusual delicacy!

Lon, Zwalle Tamales? Really? My mom just got back from Tamale, Ghana a couple of months ago. That Tamale is pronounced Tamm'-a-lee rather than tamm-a'-lee. But I don't have any visitor stories about it (yet).

Hmmmm, a place I go to. Well, I've already talked about one of my favorite places - the river valley in Edmonton. There are lots of trees, with walking trails. One of the parks has a man made lake surrounded by broad expanses of green soft grass, sprinkled with birch and evergreen trees and quiet enough to hear the birds and squirrels scolding each other over who stole who's tree. June through September, Edmonton is a wonderful place to be. You're welcome to not take my word for it, though :-D

-- Tricia the Canuck (, June 09, 2003.

My special place is a small town by the sea. Although it is crammed with tourists during summer, the thing that attracts me are the huge granite boulders, worn smooth by the waves. I love to sit on the rocks and watch the the different moods of the ocean. Normally I don't like windy weather, but by the sea the wind seems to be an ally, blowing your cares away along with the cobwebs. There are little cafes where you can sit outside and drink coffee and an array of little shops that sell all sorts of paraphernalia. Maybe I will get to retire there and I will go out to watch the sea during the stormy weather and walk along beach afterwards to see what treasures have been stirred up from the depths.

Oh dear Lon, you've got me thinking now. We are just into winter and I would love to be walking along the sand the morning after a storm. Do you think if I tell my husband it's a fishing trip he will fall like the idea?

Goodluck at the dentist. Maybe he will give you a jellybean if you behave yourself. Also "Happy andneveradversary ".

Robert "Happy 25th andneveradversary" and I hope you have a wonderful trip with lots of beautiful weather.

I wonder who among us has been married the longest. My hubby and I have been married 31 years. I know, a life sentence is only 25 years!! LOL, I guess my fella must have done something really bad in a past life.

Tricia I hope you are getting some lovely weather by now. I think I read that you are starting a new business, if so, I wish you the best of luck with it. I'm sure it must be an exciting, but very busy time.

Please excuse any typo's I have sent my glasses away for new lenses and am using a borrowed pair. The world looks very different today.

-- Carol (, June 10, 2003.

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