R&SA/Curtis- I've Just SARNed them. What Next?

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Following the advice on this site I have just SARNed Royal & Sun Alliance and Curtis but I'm not sure what to do next. Do I wait for their responses and then write back asking for more specific info such as copies of the MIG? Do I also write formally to Curtis asking them to substantiate their claim that we owe the sum of money they say we do?

The initial contact by Curtis was back on 6th December 2001 with the usual Income and Expenditure form which we did not fill in. Instead we wrote to them on 16th December 2001 saying that as we did not know who they were that we certainly would not provide them with this information and that we felt that such demands must surely be contrary to the Human Rights Act.

They did not respond to this letter until 12 March 2002 with the comment that our references to the Human Rights Act were "red herrings". Makes you wonder though if it did have anything to do with their slow reponse.

Anyway they were still making threatening demands so we wrote back saying we have nothing, we earn next to nothing and that the whole episode regarding the repossession had had a devastating effect on David's health whereby he is now unable to work long hours. Therefore the likelyhood of a change for the better at any time in the future was highly unlikely.

Curtis are now attempting to serve a Statutory Demand (see my other posting entitled Important Info on Stat Demands) which is why I'm now trying to deal with this matter using the help of this site.

So can anyone tell me what I should do now.

Many thanks


-- Florrie Miller (floday@btopenworld.com), June 05, 2003


I would sit back and wait for their response which should be within 40 working days. Hope you sent your SARN letters by recorded delivery.

I don't think there is any point in writing to them requesting documents as the idea of the SARN letter is to make them supply everything. If they do not reply to the SARN letter with all the relevant info, it is unlikely that they would do so if you wrote to them now.

Meantime if you feel your house was undersold use the breathing space you have to consult Land Registry for comparisons of house sales which might throw up supportive evidence if you intend to claim they undersold your home.

Hope this helps.


-- Moira (Anderston828@aol.com), June 07, 2003.

Hi I too was repossed in 1992 and have been bombarded with letters for 4years from Curtis I have ignored all letters infact put them into the bin.

In March someone called at my door with a document in hand I refused to take it and asked him unpolitly to remove himselve from my property he then left .I did not recieve or see the SD in his hand I am now seeking legal advice and have been issued a bancruptcy petition

I have been informed by my solicitor that Curtis has signed an affridavid saying i recieved this document.

We are hopeing to get this action stopped due to the 12 year rule

I believe my best defence is the fact that I did not respond or acknowledge the debt at any time.Curtis was unknown to me before this they have telephoned me at work have lied to my wife to get my mobile number I also have been ill with all this Curtis should be taken to court as I believe they are parasites liveing off the misery of the recession.

-- Robin Holland (Robinholland@ntlworld.com), January 25, 2005.

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