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I am looking for my dads old bike. Im'e not sure what model it is but i know it is old. ca you help me find it.

-- Mitchell Thomas (, June 04, 2003


Mitch, you have to give us a little more to work with here.

-- greg petersen (, June 04, 2003.


-- ASpinner (, June 05, 2003.

HEY I FOUND IT!!!! If you go down that long dusty road. You know the one by that tree with all the leaves. There is a house (I forgot the address) but it has a mailbox and a roof. Well there is a rumor that someone there heard that a bike was sold in california between 1910 to 2003. Good Luck Mitchell.

-- scott graves (, June 05, 2003.

Guys, go easy, this could be a young kid looking for something in his father's past. We dont know what his father's status is......

-- jj (, June 06, 2003.

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