wreck train consist

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I am building a Seaboard wreck train and would like to know what cars make up the train and what order they are in ? Where the derrick is and how the boom is positioned in the consist relative to the direction of travel ?

-- Randolph E. Coker (rcoker1@bellsouth.net), June 04, 2003


The answer to your question depends somewhat on the era you are modeling. If you are in the steam era, The consist would most likely have been ( from the head end): Coal and water car, derrick with boom trailing, boom car, tool car, sleeping car, and dining car. If you are modeling in the diesel era, many consits were like the following: Derrick, boom car, tool car, tank car with fuel oil, Sleeper, diner, track panel car or cars. And once there was even a fire car which was a flat car with water tank and a big water pump.

-- Ron Dettmer (roscaler@cs.com), June 04, 2003.

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