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can u tell me if the story of rose and jack is fiction or none fiction

-- janet leadbetter (, June 04, 2003


Not really. The story about Jack and Rose was based on two people who were really on the ship. However, the two who they based the story on never met. Basically, the story is a fake.

-- Gretchen Hallows (, June 15, 2003.

The story about the diamond itsef was fake! the dimond that louis owend before he lost everything aka the blue daimond of the crown was the hope daimond. the curse of the hope diamond added misterie to the fake story of the lovers on the titanic. in the story the hope daimond was chopped into a heart but it really was not!

-- anonymously answered, July 06, 2003

even if the story was fake or not there is still the beauty and lovelyness that surrond it i mean a rich girl and poor boy meet and fall in love. soo sweet

-- Quiana Gray (, July 19, 2003.

Even if the story was fake it was really neat!

-- Kate K. (, July 21, 2003.

I just want to say the titanic, film was a true story, because if it wasn't then why would someone lie about it. I get your point why you think the whole thing is fake, because when a battle happens. There is a place where you can see and take some soveneris. But when titnaic sunk you can't go in the middle of the atlantic ocean and take some soveniers. But still about the people that died. What was the newspaper's for, in that time. (Go onto ( Then some how describing what did the newspaper's say when the titanic sank - i am talking about the real titanic not the film one.)

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-- For me 2 no and u 2 find out (, July 17, 2004.

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