Otis escalator

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Do anyone know of OEM suppliers for Otis escalator parts

-- J W Choo (asiaelevatorshop@yahoo.com), June 04, 2003


Please tell us what you need for the Otis Escalator.We have !2 complete sets un-used escalator in stock.Regards,Raymond.

-- Raymond C S Chai (mondchai@hotmail.com), June 04, 2003.

Otis Escalator Parts

Unitec Elevator Parts

-- Otis mech (otism@yahoo.com), June 04, 2003.

have you tried Otis Elevator Company...they might just have the parts u need. trying to do it on the cheap usually ends up not.

-- dayle (daylebrenda@iprimus.com.au), June 11, 2003.

Contact me at Certified we make many OEM quality parts for Otis escalators


-- patrick a carrajat (lickem6@yahoo.com), August 01, 2003.

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