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I consider myself a newbie, even though I have riden for awhile, it's no joke having to wipe-out on a steep descent. Did not want to learn by trial and error so registered into a MTB clinic offered by The West Coast Mountain Biking Inc.

I ride a Trek 4300, factory set-up, with studded flat-pedals. This way, bailing out is easy.

The ride clinic covered, a few of the examples, in the following:

- techniques on efficient climbing up and safe descending in-sane drop-offs

For the descending technique, it helps when you drop the saddle slightly to a position lower than the handlebar. With the saddle out of the way, and pedals parallel to the ground, approach the lip of the drop off, with your weight shifted back, slide your behind, just enough to feel the rear wheel, and feather the front and back brakes. - ride over logs and roll down those drops Technique to go over logs, and rocks lies in the combination of letting some air out of your tire, and as you appraoch the log or rock, approach the obstacle with your pedal stroke at 1:00 o' clock, pre-load your front shox, by pushing down and pulling-up on the handlebar, so as to execute a wheelie, and at the same time, you push down on the stroke. The combination of the pre-load, and the power stroke should give the boost and momentum to the bike. - handling transitions on the trail, rocking and other ways to keep your balance when in a tight spot

The above are a few suggestions, and tips, to be covered in a skill clinic.

-- Andrew Annuar (, June 03, 2003

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