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I am going to buy a rowing shell/boat but not sure what to buy. I will row mostly on a small lake or Mississippi River in Minnesota. I want to row for exercise and to sometimes get to my sailboat, so I have to be able to stand up to get on the sailboat.

I am a 50+ year old woman and around 195 pounds.

-- KR (, June 02, 2003



If exercise is what your looking for; a rowing shell is for you. If you require to be able to stand up in it (to get up on your sail boat) you can forget about using a rowing shell. A) they are very tippy when the oars/paddles are not extended, B) Even when the Oars are pulled in, the drop-in unit that supports the oars would not allow you to pull up side to side with another boat. I would suggest a dory type vessle. Of course the most affordable would be your everday common rowboat. Rowboats are not very sleek but you'll get plenty of back breaking excersize.

Good Luck in you decission. If still interested in a rowing scull, I have an affordable one for sale.


-- pete gietzen (, September 12, 2003.

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