Heritage Decals?

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Kudos to all those responsible for the latest CG decal releases. Yall really did a masterful job. I think it be wonderful to produce a CG Heritage decal set with the large 'C''G' for the early hoppers along with the CG Flag. That would be a great aid to those of us living in the Great days of steam. Just a thought of new business for the planning committee.


-- David Godwin (wdgodwin@aol.com), June 02, 2003



If you are referring to the recently released Microscale CofGa caboose decals, we are very pleased with them! Several people took part in helping to research and proof the data that was used to draw the sets.

We have a list of about 20 proposed CofGa decal sets covering virtually everything that was ever lettered Central of Georgia, and we are slowly working our way through that list! However, we certainly welcome suggestions for additional sets.

It takes a great deal of time in research, drawing, and proofing to create each new decal set! But, with results like the passenger car, steam locomotive, and caboose decals, it's certainly worth the effort!

Allen Tuten

-- Allen Tuten (allen@cofg.org), June 02, 2003.

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