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I have read on this forum that first mv f4 's was great bike but underpowered , the Evo 2 is much better motor . I just love the looks of the mv and won't be satisfied until I realise the dream and own one. I missed an evo2 model a few weeks ago and I am now at the point of buying MV ( with all the updates ) but not with the extra power of evo 2 motor . Most people buying secondhand MVs do so without actually road testing one , I was just looking for some reassurance that if you are not doing track days , you don't want to hare down the road like the R1 boys ,that the power output is more than adequate , Ok , you have to keep the revs up . I add that I have 2 other bikes , honda blackbird , goes like a rocket ( potential licence loser) , and bmw r1200c cruiser, how's that for diversity , My wife thinks I'm absolutely mad by the way for even contemplating another bike but you can't take it with you !!

-- daryl john Yemm (, June 02, 2003


I noticed a difference between my old 2000 model and the current 2002. 2002 seem to have a little more torque in the low and and more power in the high end. I think the '02 revs smoother too.

The differences isn't night and day but it is noticeable.

I think you may see 2002 prices start to drop as 2003 start to hit the showrooms.

-- Allan Gibbs (Phoenix, Arizona) (, June 02, 2003.

Allan Thanks for your reply , I remember reading that you previously had the older model & noticed the difference when changing to the EVO 2 , unfortunately here in the UK ,second hand EVO 2 models are as rare as rocking horse s---t , I failed to seize the chance a few weeks ago and don't want to miss out this time on what appears to be a well looked after 2000 mileage bike registered october 2000 with all the carbon bits on it already. low mileage older spec one while you can

-- Daryl Yemm (, June 02, 2003.

Hi Have a 2000 F4s for sale if you are interested, usual mint condition just serviced, all recalls done, some carbon. Runs and goes perfectly. Dealers have offered me 7,300 but why should they make a big profit!

-- Grahame (, June 02, 2003.

I have a 2000 f4. It was dyno'd 3 weeks ago at 116bhp at the back wheel. Its standard apart from the Casoli pipe job on the original pipes - don't know if that made any difference performance wise as I didn't get it dyno'd prior to the conversion. Sounds a 1000% percent better mind you.

-- nigel pasea (, June 03, 2003.

Hi Grahame Need a few more details , like whereabouts are you ? what's the bike mileage , reg letter ( 2000 w / 2000x). How much carbon ? Makes a big difference to the price when a hugger is 170 and the genuine MV air tube mod is a couple hundred a side I am told. Is it Uk bike ? Most important what's your price ? You will have to reply on this bboard as the e-mail address listed is my one for the office and I am off work this week so won't get mail

-- Daryl Yemm (, June 03, 2003.

2000 W reg UK bike registered with Cagiva & eligible for free updates etc (all done). Serviced by Cobb & Jagger. 6,000 trouble free miles. Carbon keyguard, tank side pieces and a Casoli hugger. Datatagged and Dato Evo alarm. I live in Harrogate, North Yorkshire. Bike is yours for 7,400

-- Grahame (, June 03, 2003.


Just bought a 2000/W last night. I am absolutely over the moon with it. It certainly has its "quirks" (like cant see in the mirrors!!) but it is all part of the experience. THE BIKE IS AWSOME!! Yes it is not what you would call "torquy" low down, but is is only a 750. It's whole deal is about gear changes and revving. In some ways like a two stroker. My suggestion would be to get over to Graham and get the deal done! Remember, you don't have to keep the bike for life. If you get it at the right price and 7400 sound ok,then you can update to a 2002 model (or an F5) L8R.


Dave Glasgow.

-- Dave Gardner (, June 07, 2003.

Hi The deed is done ! . I bought a 2000 X f4 s1 + 1 for 8000 , only 1900 miles , one owner. Was baines racing demo bike. Has got genuine MV (Carbon Dream) carbon fibre front mudgauard,keyring, air tubes, and some other little side panel below the tank + a little panel on chain guard. Rear hugger is carbon fibre but not Carbon Dream apparently , it is a different weave. It has got a Silmoto carbon fibre exhaust system , the sound this produces is tremendous but the bike does not run correctly on low revs ( slow to pick up ). Looking at the service history , it came with it's own chip but couldn't get bike running properly with this and Baines advised to revert to standard exhaust and chip . Looks as though owner at the time couldn't live without the exhaust note and it seems there must have been an improvement running silmoto with original MV chip as that is the situation now , unfortunately I have not got the chip for the silmoto exhaust so I cannot put that in to see what it was like before. I may just revert to standard pipes and chip , at least they will be legal ! THe police are having clampdown around my area on cans , numberplates and speeding. As I was riding home with bike I passed Baines racing , so I picked up bolt modification for stay down sidestand. Stainless steel hexagon headed bolt with locking wire holes , the threaded end is shorter so it doesn't protrude and interfere with side stand spring .When I had a look at the stand operation I can see all it needed was a new spring linking plate with a bigger offset in to miss locknut It is a piece of P**s to make a new connecting link between spring and mounting bracket with bigger offset , I have got some stainless plate and going to make one up as I don't like locking wire idea and it has also become a bit of a challenge . The bolt was 18

-- Daryl Yemm (, June 09, 2003.

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