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After trying to fob us off following a SARN,(see "SARN problems" below) Abbey then sent us a load of info anyway !?!?!?

It consists of all of our letters regarding the shortfall, the endowment policies and a few data entry screens that don't really mean much to me. I glad we didn't actually send them a cheque for a tenner !!!

There are two interesting pieces of paper though, regarding their attempts to contact my partner. They seem to indicate that what we believe - that they've made very few attempts to contact her - is true.

They finally traced her through a company with the awe-inspiring name of "Global Investigations" - bet Interpol are shitting themselves - who provided our address. Their last comment is that the information was verified by "Your subject's friends and family who are in full contact with your subject and confirmed by a further local area check in that vicinity."

Does that mean we've been snitched on by an family member/friend with a secret axe to grind? Or have one of them (we hope) innocently been duped by some agent of "Global Investigations" (Virgil Tracy or Brains perhaps?) posing as a friend wishing to be reunited or a rep from Littlewoods trying to give us our big cheque?

Anyone got any anecdotes regarding the methods used by tracing companies to find their "subjects"?

NOTE: I am not suggesting in anyway that any skullduggery has been carried out by Global Investigations who I'm sure are a fine bunch of private dicks...


-- Andy Robson (, June 01, 2003



I doubt you've been snitched on by a family member, more likely it's Global's dicky way of doing things.


-- M Amos (, June 01, 2003.

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