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Any recomendations regarding removal of the f-4 rear shock apprecieated I have removed the bottom shock bolt / supported rear end / ride height height arm and the top shock yoke bolt. I cannot drive out the bushing that holds it in place so I can bring it out in one piece to dismantle it ie. to get to the top bolt. I am about to have a machine shop make a drift to do it. Theres got to be a better way. Thanks bob

-- Bob burdick (, May 31, 2003


Seem to remember i removed the tank/seat bottom bolt and top bolt,then the bolt through the rocker (the part that joins the shock to the height adjuster)i had to persuade the rocker out with a tapping instrument!-it is a VERY close fit-the bushing does not stop it coming out-it`s just f------ tight!

-- mike tilston (, June 01, 2003.

Mike when you look through the top yoke bolt and move the shock up and down the bushing does not move.It must go through all the way because tightening the bolt would tighten on the roker and the shock wouldent move. Tonight I was going to remove the exhaust so I can remove the lower shock mount hoping lowering the shock will rotate the top mount bolt around far enough so I can get to it with a swivel socket drive. If I try and bang it out Can you loosen the top frame bolt above the rocker bolt to relieve tension on the rocker and bang it out with a block of wood or a rubber hammer. Thanks bob

-- bob burdick (, June 01, 2003.

Just removed mine,as Mikes proceedure,remove tank,seat,bottom bolt,top bolt, shock fell out,remove rocker bolt couple of sharp taps with hammer and bit of wood backwards towards ride ht rod and it was out. the bushing is same width as rocker you dont have to drift.Took about 30 min.sorry just did this tonight and remembered this post. Hope you got there.

-- Ian w paterson (, June 05, 2003.

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