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Does anyone know how many SR passenger cars went too Norfolk Southern? I recently saw an articl on the NS web site that said that several passenger cars owned by NS were auction off, as well as some engines and the river street rambler. I've tried to find this info on the NS web site, but have had no sucess. During my research I've found 50 plus ex-southern cars that are still around. I'm sure there are many more being held by NS, tourist lines, and rail museums.Many web sites I've found don't have a roster list so it's hard to tell if ther "hiding" a southern pass. car or not. MY e-mail is'nt working so it's hard to send requets to other sites. Thanks for and help. Sincerely, Robert D. Cashwell

-- Robert Daniel Cashwell (, May 30, 2003


There are still a few (very few) cars being held for company service and a few in the office car fleet. To my recollection, there are no revenue service cars still in the office car fleet, just office cars.

-- Chris Williams (, June 01, 2003.

I believe there is one 10/6 sleeper called something like "Talluga River"(from the original streamlined Crescent) on exhibit at the Southeastern Railroad Museum, in Duluth, Ga. I would contact them if I were you. This car, I believe, has Norfolk Southern painted on it.

-- bill haithcoat (, October 25, 2004.

I have a small NS business fleet roster that came from Richard Shell and Shellscale decals. It appears to be a copy of the actual NS lettering diagram for their office cars. The following Southern cars are listed:

NS 1/SOU 1 Virginia NS 2/ SOU 1a Carolina NS 6/SOU 2 Atlanta NS 8/SOU 5 Tennessee NS 9/SOU 15 Alabama NS 11/SOU 16 Illinois NS 13/ SOU 18 Georgia NS 14/SOU 2302 Royal Arch NS 15/SOU 2301 Royal Court NS 16/SOU 3499 Royal Palm NS 17/SOU 2019 Tugalo River NS 21/SOU 8 Kentucky NS 23/SOU 19 Buena Vista NS 26/SOU 960605 or 960603 (cannot make out the last digit) NS 27/SOU 24 Exhibit Car NS 30/SOU 14 Savannah NS 31/SOU P0021 NS 32/SOU P0025 NS 49/SOU 900099 (Best Friend Of Charleston transport car) NS 50/SOU 900098 (Best Friend Of Charleston transport car)

NS also used Southern coaches 841-846 in excursion service.

-- Marty Flick (, December 28, 2004.

"NS 26/SOU 960605 or 960603 (cannot make out the last digit)"

If it looks like a baggage car then it would be 960605... if it resembles an EMD FTB it would be 960603, though wasn't that the unit that became the booster for the EMD FT set to celebrate that unit's birthday?

-- Jerry M. LaBoda (, December 29, 2004.

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