lookin for some kandy kidz!

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Hey there, im lookin for some new people to hang out with Im me if you wanna chat Glitt3rTearZz69 thanks bye! ~*ChErry*~

-- Anonymous, May 30, 2003


"Kandy Kidz"? sure thing. Wanna know what the best high is? take your dad's 9mm, make sure it's loaded, and point it at your temple. Than, pull the trigger. It's mind-blowing! trust me!

-- Anonymous, June 03, 2003

Yeah...I was thinking about moving to NC to check out the scene there. But, I've decided against it because of this guys actions. It reminds me of the scene here in OK. This would be a prime example of an idiot ruining the outlook of your city and it's scene.

-- Anonymous, June 06, 2003

Yah, what's up with these people? Anyway there is supposed to be a good "party" in Myrtle on the 23 of June. It's called the Magic Music Festival. Have fun!

-- Anonymous, June 12, 2003

Hey whats up! I'm a kandie kid from nc. I've been in the party scene here as well as SC since I was 15. I'm gonna be 19 in July. Email me and we can chat kk? Plur.

-- Anonymous, June 24, 2003



-- Anonymous, June 30, 2003

hey i just moved back up from myrtle and i was at fun house alot any one know any thing going down halloween in northcarolina i will be turning 21 this year .... plz let me know P>L>U>R

-- Anonymous, June 30, 2003

Look, kids. I was in the NC scene since the early ninties. Somtimes I search around just to see what the scene is like today. Let me tell you, in my day we couldn't have a forum like this. And if we did we would not talk about these things because of fear of getting our parties busted. I can't believe I am reading some of these things. If you want to know why the scene is dying it is because it is not about the people any more. It is now about being cool, and it has been like that for some time. The scene went through periods of discovery by younger and younger kids. The last one in the late nineties. I am guilty though I used to take people to parties (we used to call them parties not raves) four car loads at a time. Yah, we used to do X, K, and GHB. You know what happened, we all got busted one by one. I spent three years in the state pen for trafficking and maintaining a dwelling. Do the whole tenchno scene a favor, hold on to the music, and let all that other bullshit go. I know I sound "holier than though", but in ten years or so you might remember what an old time raver once said and you might realize that I was right. Thanx for listening to my banter. -DJ Oracle, Reflektive Gear,

-- Anonymous, July 09, 2003

scenes change. music changes. entertainment would be a stagnant pool of shit if they didnt change. so stop bashing on the "kandy kids" and accept change. im not a part of any scene and id like to know where i could find a rave, is that so wrong? bleh.

-- Anonymous, July 23, 2003

Man, I was just intruduced into the party/rave scene, and I'm already becoming a kandy kid. Now why do we have to bash all the people that just want to go somewhere and have fun. Sure, they know there are consequences. Just chill and let us party.

-- Anonymous, August 02, 2003

You can do whatever you want. I don't care. Just know that you were warned.

-- Anonymous, August 08, 2003

I'm from Chicago, now there were some parties. Live in Va. now, going to DC for a party this weekend(rave). Be careful I know a few kids that are dead from overdoing it. I'm 25 and still love kandy but not everyday anynmore. Catch up w/u later.

-- Anonymous, August 19, 2003

I just moved from Los Angeles to NC the Raleigh area and was wondering were to party...I can not find shit to do here or anything to take...e-mail me to chat

-- Anonymous, September 24, 2003

yeah i live in virginia and i cant drive to richmond or dc everyweekend i need to find something!!!

-- Anonymous, October 10, 2003

hay fellow kandy kids, i live in havelock and in goldsboro NC. i kan tell u this, the scene rillie sucks here. i thought i was the only kandy kid here in this state. if ya wanna chat or meet up sumetime. just send a kandygram to nc29_2000@yahoo.com or kandEE_grl@hotmail.com P.L.U.R.ies!!

-- Anonymous, October 17, 2003



-- Anonymous, October 22, 2003

This is for all you kandi kidz. You do not want to hear this, but this is reality: Drugs such as your beloved kandi are medically and scientifically proven to cause brain damage resulting in short term memory loss and other complications. The DJ knows from experience and I know. Look, not to rain on your youthful fun,but do you think that (within only a short period...like a year)and possible imprisonment for at least three years, is worth your future? Think about it.

-- Anonymous, November 28, 2003

yeah, drugs can kill, so can alchol and tobacco, speeding and general stupidity. My mom died of cancer and she never did any of those things. So, I'll take my chances, just not as often as before. I know i'm lucky, so I won't tell anyone else to be careful. It only takes some people one mistake (O.D.), others it takes hundreds or thousands (cigarettes). In case of my Mom, it didn't take any. She lived life the right way and she's not here. Best of luck with the Kandy and consider yourself lucky or at least warned. (thanks for listen to me ramble a bit)

-- Anonymous, December 01, 2003

hey whats up guys! i am a 19 year old kandi kids from New Orleans/Lafayette, Louisiana. i have been in the scene since i was 12. um just wanted to say whats up to kandi kids around the nation! if ya wanna chat, my AIM name is kandeepyxie420. hope to talk to someone soon! buh byes and PLUR to all!


-- Anonymous, January 12, 2004

what's up new awlins been a raversince 15 21now raves in the south (new orleans that is) has been pretty good, but they have more restrictions now then say 3 yrs ago even. it's because of the fucking media, and bush.

-- Anonymous, January 14, 2004

Hey all My name is monkey. I am new to the scene I have only recently been introduced to the club scene and never went to a rave but plan on going in Feb. to one in Memphis. If you want details then IM or email me. I have been talking to some of my friends that have been in the scene for a while and some of them are getting upset because the scene is really getting corrupted. They say way too many people are just going for the drugs and that is not what it is supposed to be about. It is supposed to be about plurr. You may wonder why I added a second r it is because they are now adding a second r for responsibility because the older ravers are taking on responsibility for the younger kandy kids who are just entering the scene for the drugs. I think rolling is fucking awesome but that is not what I go for. I go for the family feeling the music and things like that. I go just to be around people who understand me. I think we should pull the scene back to it's roots. I am not saying we should all just stop rolling but I am saying we need to see that that is not what it is all about. It is all about PLURR and we should keep it that way.

PLURR Peace Love Unity Respect Responsibility PLURR

IM me at sgriffinsr03 on yahoo IM if you would like to chat.

-- Anonymous, January 20, 2004

hey if your looking for some kandy kids talk to me. im the biggest kandy kid in indiana!!!!!!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, January 28, 2004

Hey Hey Everyone!! I'm from Philly PA And i'm gonna be 15 on Feb 11. And i've been into this whole since for like 3yrs now but i have'ent been to a rave yet. I first found out about this scene through my sister and i got into it after that. But now she does'ent really rave so i'm kinda alone now except for a few but they all do E and shit and im not into that so i don't hang out with them. I love Happy Hardcore it's mainly the music i listen to but i also listen to alittle bit of trance, I also love the Kandi 8). I've been waiting to go to one for like 3yrs(eversince i saw my sister Liquid dancing)now but i hav'ent got anyone to go with. And i don't want to go too get high or anything like that. I want to go to meet new friends and see what it's like. Cause i always hear people saying they had alot of fun. So if anyone of yous can bring me to a rave with you i would really like it alot 8)!! Well thanks yous, and if you could bring me to a rave with you E-mail me with your sn so we can talk (cause i block people who are not on my Buddylist). And if you just want to hang out with me, cause i wanna meet new friends also e-mail me. THANK YOUS 8)!!

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2004

oracle, word. you're cool.

-- Anonymous, February 05, 2004

HEY!!! Im a kandi kid in canada !:D Anyone wanna be friendz?! email me!!! :D

-- Anonymous, February 15, 2004

uh, i feel your pain eastern nc BUT, there is plenty happening here, you just gotta look around. for instance: www.ncdnb.com respect cackalack

-- Anonymous, February 18, 2004

Hey, I just moved backed to the states from japan and I'm trying to start promoting and improve the scene, unfortunately, I haven't been around so I need some advice. Give me some.

-- Anonymous, February 19, 2004

-- Anonymous, February 24, 2004

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-- Anonymous, February 24, 2004

for all of those who dont know candy kid is a term used for a person who wears candy jewlrey, baggy bright colored outfits. i dress like this at parties so i guess i am a candy kid- but im NOT an E-tard

-- Anonymous, June 02, 2004

Hey heres a high... take your mama's Colt 45 (amke sure its loaded) and put the end of it the thing with the hole in your mouth and start to dance... lalalala and pull the trigger.... Man it gives you a rush to your head that you wouldnt believe..

Gosh people go to school and get an education! Then go to NYC and when you go you will be going for a job noy a party!

-- Anonymous, June 10, 2004

Want to find places to go? www.ravematch.com has an events section. Plus you meet fellow ravers!


-- Anonymous, June 11, 2004

Ahhhh, kiddies kiddies kiddies. Hold on to your undeRoo's. Mama's here to let you know what just a short stint in E-land can do. I started off rolling just weekends, and just singles. Then a month later I was doubling up to a sweet twosome. The last time I rolled, I took 7 pills over 10 hours. It's so easy to get addicted to the way it can give you a false sense of peace and tranquility in your life. And if you have any kind of shit what-so-ever in your life, you run the risk of becoming emotionally dependent on it. I hate to say it guys, but all the people that I knew that dug way in to the rave scene were doing NOTHING with their lives. Look around you. I do believe this drug, when used properly, and not abused, can be very theraputic. But be wary of "the scene", it can suck you in and swallow you up whole. It will suck the life out of you. And its so sad to see young minds wasting away. I'm only 25, so I'm not that far out of the loop. Pay heed to us. Why would I have just given total strangers 5 minutes of my time? Keep the party wise...

-- Anonymous, June 15, 2004

www.NCdNb.com/forum ... we like basslines, ya dig

-- Anonymous, June 18, 2004

I'm glad someone finally defined a candy kid corectly(thank you very much Tiffany!) any how, I bet I'm the only kandy kidd in Northern Arizona! It sux cuz you have to go to the valley (Phoenix or Tuscon) to find a party and there's still the risk of it getting busted. The clubs are all we got and that sux cuz everyone is a cokehead! And They shut down the AZ raves website so it's almost impossible to find parties now! Hmmmm I'm rambiling, well any thoughts, email me. PLurr Remember when sex was safe and skydiving was dangerous? Ravers don't die they multiply!

-- Anonymous, June 23, 2004

The problem with candy kids is that they are not old enough to do anything else, such as get into dance clubs, so they latch onto raves, act e-tarded, and ruin in for everyone else because there is nothing else for them to do. I saw 12 year olds at an all ages event where I used to live!!! Come on, that is pathetic. I have thrown parties before and been into edm for 10 years and I had to stop doing non-club events bc I couldn't stand what I was seeing. The irreseponsible candy kids have ruined it for everyone. Grow up. When you're 21+, come out dance and have a good time.

-- Anonymous, July 21, 2004

And we do not call them "raves" because of the negative stigma associated with them, created by people like you. There are edm concerts or events, we hardly ever use the term "party" anymore either. The scene was too far damaged in the mid-late 90's and everybody and their grandmother knew the term "rave".

And what makes you candy kidz think you're so unique? Go to a "rave" as you call them and you will see a hundred people dressed very similar to you. If you wanna do e, k,g, lsd or anyhting alse at our events, stay home and do it. We are trying to rebuild our rep and remove the negativeness associated with edm and drugs. And if you don't know what edm is, Please stay home for sure.

-- Anonymous, July 21, 2004

Yo, i live in NC on Camp Lejeune. I am from Louisiana. I started Raving about two yrs ago, so i am still new. But I love every second of it. I havent made any friends since i have been here which has been about 3 months. So if anyone near me wants to get together and chill or go find some parties just e-mail. I am always f$%kin bored so holla!

-- Anonymous, August 27, 2004

hey i just moved to St. Louis and i was lookling for sum fellow kandy kidz around hee sum where plz email me !! thanks!!

-- Anonymous, September 13, 2004

Listen ya'll....kandy kidz really are givin' us old skool "ravers" a bad name...fuck your mind up in your own time....cause' all we wanna do is dance..not watch u lay ur ass on the floor...Take it from me....I once overdosed....never again...never...because I'm now livin' with a rep I can't kill...

-- Anonymous, October 07, 2004

Hi, HeRe, in COlombIa, ThErEs SOmE CutE bRigHtiNg pEopLe. Peace.

-- Anonymous, October 13, 2004

Wow. I can't believe what this has come to... YO YO IMA KANDY KID WHO'S NEVER PARTIED LETS GET 2GETHA!. Come on people, let's look at what we are writing. First of all, let's get the term "kandy kids" and "ravers" out of our heads. We label music not people. And let's not use parties as an excuse to pop a pill, no matter what age you are.

The scene is dying but at least we know why...

-- Anonymous, October 21, 2004

I am looking for some one to hang with. Im from Chicago. The thing is (((blushing))) I am new to the seen (((looking away & bushing)))). But I have allway been kandy at hart (((grining))).

-- Anonymous, November 04, 2004

hiyaZ! I'm a fellow kandy kiDD! Email me or, if you have a livejournal, add me! kandyravenplur


-- Anonymous, November 05, 2004

any one looking for a hotttt party. come to stool pigeons of raleigh, 410 glenwood ave. live dj hot techno and a huge dance floor. $10 cover. november 28th. starts at 10.

-- Anonymous, November 21, 2004

hey if you love trading kandi you should check out this kick ass plur site ;D http://xsorbit27.com/users5/kandiekidtrade/index.php

-- Anonymous, January 31, 2005

hey well im only 15 and no almost nothing at all about 'raves' or events, except that the music is good and the people are cool,im not into all that drug crap and stuff thats jsut stupid.. if any1 can tell me anything about raves, e-mail me at cloudfnlfnty7@hotmail.com any1 live in sterling heights michigan or around that area that goes to raves e-mail me, IM me, himthing

-- Anonymous, February 05, 2005

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