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Someone recently claimed to have owned a 500cc MV as ome form of road bike. I assume this is impossible as the nearest was a 650cc tourer. Presumably the only other 500ccs were the works racers (I saw Ago win the last 500GP for MV at the Nurnburgring) and they would never get into the hands of joe public. Can anyone confirm? Many thanks.

-- Jeremy Peachey (, May 30, 2003


The first four was a 500 in the early 50's (before the ughly 600 tourer). I guess the bike was so expensive, he did not sell more than few hundred

-- O thomas (, May 30, 2003.

The 500 model of 50's was not produced by MV. It was only a show motorcycle that never went to production.

If I am not wrong, there was no proper MV 500 bike; but I know there was a MV500 made by Key engineering.

-- I. Santillan (, June 04, 2003.

I know 2 owners of the Kay bikes but they are "NOT FOR ROAD USE" They only get them out for the track - they were out on the banking at Montlhery a few weeks ago. There is also a company in Italy that will make you a 'real' one - they got hold of the old guys from the factory and put them back to work. I think they cost something like 110k....ish! Mark

-- Mark Magenis (, June 06, 2003.

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