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I unscrewed the screw to hold the choke....I now have no choke...please help.

-- ASpinner (, May 29, 2003


Don't panic. It's just a fast idle by holding the throttle slightly open.

Just put the screw back in a couple of threads and pull it out. Then carefully take the screw out, put the spring and the little lever back in place carefully so that you don't push the "nut" back in again. Don't worry about it engaging the grooves. Then start tightening it slowly until you get it set. The lever should be vertical up in the off position and should feel a mute click when in the on position. Don't over tighten and you are done.

BTW, I never use mine. The bike always fires quickly and holds idle with no problems.

-- Yannis (, May 29, 2003.


-- ASpinner (, May 29, 2003.

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