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Does anyone have info regarding a railroad "stop" or "station" near Springfield/Rincon, GA that was identified by the name MOTTWEILER? My ancestor apparently had a pulpwood and/or woodmill operation in the area and he apparently stipulated that the train must stop there -- and as a result a wooden sign was erected next to the tracks that identified the "stop" as MOTTWEILER, and the train would physically come to a halt when it passed this site. Perhaps some old maps may have identified all the stations by name -- I'm not sure since I don't have any and the ones on the U of GA internet site are too small to read. Thanks in advance for info that anyone can provide.

-- Edwin Mottweiler "Pete" Hodges, Jr. (, May 29, 2003



I have not been able to find any reference to a station stop near Springfield or Rincon named Mottweiler. The trackage through the middle of Rincon is the old Seaboard Air Line (now CSX) mainline from Central Junction north into South Carolina. The trackage through Springfield was built as the Brinson Railway around 1905, then became Savannah & Northwestern, then Savannah & Atlanta, bought by the CofGa in 1951, then Southern, and is now part of Norfolk Southern. This former "Brinson" trackage also goes through Blandford, several miles to the southwest of Rincon, but doesn't go through Rincon itself.

I did find a Mottweiler Street in Rincon on Yahoo maps. It's located near the former SAL track in "downtown" Rincon. If your ancestor's pulpwood operation was located near that street, then it was probably on the former SAL line.

Perhaps someone with an old SAL system map might find a reference.

Do you have an approximate date as to when your ancestor's business was in that area?

Allen Tuten

-- Allen Tuten (, May 30, 2003.

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