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Basiclly i have a few options for the pumps that i'm going to buy , just can't figure out which one is better? The options that i have are the Crank Bros Dual piston action pump(very small looking thing), Topeak Master Blaster and Topeak Mini Master Blaster.

i'm looking for the obvious things that anyone would want in a mini pump , a lot of air in a short time .. any info on those pumps ? if anyone can suggest a good pump which has served them well please feel free to suggest it and if possible the location to purchase it?


-- Jeffrey (, May 29, 2003


Hey jeff, why dont you get the crank bros one? The all you gotta do is get a pouch and put it in....I have seen it...very chio and extremely portable....coz if you get the mini trail blaster, you might have to put it near yr top rube(the right name?lets hope so..)and you wont have a place to put an extra bottle cage......why dont you get the smaller I already have the mini trail blaster....

Good luck choosing.... -KeEp R!d!nG-

-- Terjin (, May 30, 2003.

Terjin , i think you're talking about the seat tube .

-- Jeffrey (, May 30, 2003.

I've used the Crank Bros pump - the larger one with the aluminium barrel and gauge - for about 1 year now. I really like it. The high volume/high pressure switch really works. The switchable shraeder/high pressure head is also well designed. The other mini pumps I've used are various incarnations of the Zefal pumps, all of which broke after what I thought was an unreasonably short period of use.

The Crank Bros pumps can be fit onto the bike without using the bottle-mount screws on the frame. If comes with a housing that you can zip-tie onto your frame. Neat idea, although I carry mine in my backpack so that it's out of the way of any flying mud.

-- Joe (, June 01, 2003.

I agree with Joe on this.. The Crank Bros pump is excellent..Time- saving to fill up the tires with its dual functionality...less effort too..Like Joe, I keep it in my camelbak...

-- Jonathan (, June 03, 2003.

I've got the very small Crank Brothers pump and recommend it highly. You are not going to fill a tire as fast as a larger pump, but the ability to put it in a fanny pack or camelback so it can stay clean is paramount. Also the larger the pump the more danger it will get bent or broken in one of those terrifying stacks that happen now and then. I have a couple of aluminum Zefals that potentially could have given good service for years had I not landed on them with considerable force. Oops. No such problem with the Crank Brothers pump.


-- Pat Brunsdon (, June 16, 2003.

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