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Has any one fitted the bridgestone 010 tyres to ther bike? if so what are they like? also has any one fitted the 180/55 in bridgestone. If these are no good what are the best rears for grip and feel, my front is the dragon corsa. Help

Thanks for the help in advance. Mal

-- malcolm holden (, May 28, 2003


Bridgestone 010 are absolutel junk, i wouldnt put those on a moped. Your best bet for grip are the new Pirelli Diablos since the dragons are disconinued. You would have to go to a taller tire though with Pirelli. Probably the best tire money can buy (in my opinion) for the street are the Michelin pilot sports. At least with those you can stick to the original front tire size which is a 120/65ZR17. As far as running a smaller tire in the front, I wouldnt do it. The rim was made for a 190/50.

-- Robbie (, May 28, 2003.

geez, I just read what I wrote and realized I should go back and reread everything before i click submit. Anyways, I am sure you know that I meant rear rim.

-- Rob (, May 28, 2003.

Rim can hold the 180/55 like on the senna without a problem! I have seen Dunlop 208GP 120/70 on the front without fender mod. But there are others that will damage it. Diablo's have a 120/65 as well. Everyone has it's own favourite tyre as well, track or road use!

-- hb (, June 05, 2003.

Evo3 are delivered with 180/55 and 120/65 with dunlop 207 at the moment!

-- hb (, June 06, 2003.

i have 010s on my speed triple and they are brilliant check out this review eview.htm robbie must have a moped is all i can say

-- jaffa (, May 01, 2004.

Man Robbie, I bet you have never ridden on the 010's. I slapped a set on after hearing great reviews and they are excellent. They survived 4,156 miles and 2 track days at Thunderhill. I now put on a pair of Diablos and fairly happy with them also but still hats off to the predictability of the 010's. I'm heading back to Bridgestone with the 010's successor, the 014.

Here is an old review:

-- Ken Z (, May 17, 2004.

The 010's are great 'road' tyres, especially 'in the wet' (Some of you may not have tried this, it means riding in the rain) and sub 10C.

The 180 rear is most definitly the way to go, some of the best F4 reports, including the elbow down, have been on Sennas with 180 rears.

For the track and summer riding the 010 is probably a bit on the hard side but still a good allround tyre. I used to use them on my R1 in winter too.

-- Mark M (, May 18, 2004.

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