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The problem I am having at the moment is car#2 is shutting down and the display fault is over speed. I have checked the overspeed reference and measured the actual speed of the elevator and it does not appear to me that this is what the system is looking at when it declares the fault. I am relying on information based on Kone writeup AME10.37.12 for information on how to set the speed control. In this writeup the speed reference board A4 can end in 01,04,or 05. the A4 board installed on this job end in 03. There is no information on 03 for max voltage scale or it range of speed. I need to know what Kones' definition of overspeed is and what should be looked at in order to troubleshoot this problem Jerry Ferro Maryland Elevators

-- Jerome Ferro (, May 28, 2003


The overspeed fault can be caused many ways, not all being an actual overspeed. The 105% overspeed (MP3/A3) is the most obvious, but hoistway switches 136 or relays 616 (overspeed circuit supervision) can also cause the fault if their contacts are defective.

-- JL (, July 02, 2003.

Hi, Let's me know if there is a TMS600 with OVF80 with energy recovery back to network. Tusculum

-- Tusculum (, August 23, 2003.

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