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Anyone know a way around the California emissions rule that makes MV's under 7,500 miles illegal? Does emissions have to inspect the bike before you can get plates in CA?


- Steven

-- Steven Gonzales (, May 27, 2003


I think this thread from the other MV board may shed some light: a=tpc&s=2586052102&f=9096052102&m=3566009413

Highlights: I just spoke to the guys at GP Motorcycles in San Diego...If you already own an MV and relocate to CA then there should be no problems with registering it regardless of the mileage. If you live in CA and purchase one then the 7500 mile rule comes into play (unless of course you register out of state).

They said the bikes would be legal but there is some form that MV hasn't completed which is why all the hassles for the bikes. He said there should be no issue with the 03 as everything should be taken care of by the time they are out. Couldn't tell me if that would be retro active and cover the pre-03 models.

-- Allan (Phoenix, AZ) (, May 27, 2003.

Steve, I was told by Munroe Motors that you can get the MV registered by having the bike certified as a street legal racing bike. This is what some moto bikers do. You need to go an authrorized light and brake motorcycle inspection shop and go through the motions and get the certificate and proceed to DMV. Hope this helps. Ray

-- Ray Lorente (, May 28, 2003.

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