Otis LRV3 & LRV4L phase 2 lock up

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Phase 2 lock up problem: 4L will go into a 1/2 on phase 2 half off meaning, It will work fine on phase 2 after the doors are closed manually, then door power is normal. Unit will not come off phase 2 EVER. The lrv3 will only re-set off phase 2 by a cycle of the mainline and a hall call set at the same time. Same condition for phase 2, manual door until closed then it works fine. ????

-- Rick Olsen (rolsen@roelevator.com), May 27, 2003


Phase Lock up

Sounds like a wiring problem to me. Don't know your jurisdiction, but ANSI 86 requires the elevator to be at the Phase I recall landing, the Phase II switch off, and then the Phase I keyswitch to be turned to Bypass momentarily to reset Fire Service (if it doesn't see the Bypass signal it won't reset). Any other sequence will not reset the Fire Service (assuming you used the keyswitch to initiate Phase I Recall to the Main, not Alternate, landing). As to the having to close the doors manually, has any work been done recently, such as installing door scanners or light curtains? Haven't looked at an LRV in over 10 years, so maybe one of the Otis folks could chime in.

-- Steve (eastlion@pacbell.net), May 27, 2003.

Check the dipswitches on the processor, wiring on the insp., ind svc., and ses keyswitches. If door protection was upgraded what was on it prior Memcos,Light-rays, or what. Check the nudging dipswitch. What kind of door operator. Gal or 6970? Check the driver chips on the processor. The driver chips can do a bunch of screwy things. Alot of diffrent variables. These are the things I would check first. Turn power off and try swapping the driver chips around and see if a diffren problem pops up. Its the easiest way to check it without spares. Alot of other options to but these would be the first that I would check.

-- Otisdude (Otisdude@earthlink.net), May 28, 2003.

I,ve never actually worked on these units BUT I have had a similar problem on another type with a Ring Car Board, if these units have a RCB, there is a install parameter called ESH or EHS? (Emergency Service Hold), this parameter keeps the lift on phase 2 after it has been activated by the keyswitch, the lift WILL NOT go off Phase 2 if this parameter is set wrong. ESH address should be set to 00 0 (Permanently off) or 01 0 (Permanently on) or assigned an input. As it is not uncommon for RCBs to lose their parameters on occasions I would check this out. As for the doors Otis software is capable of many different Fire Service operation types, depending on the country the lift is in, again there is a parameter in software (defined by a number that represents a country)that determines the correct fire service sequence of operation for the particular country. Hope this helps

-- Ray (rayzo@iinet.net.au), May 29, 2003.

Wow thats an easy one - wish I could tell ya - the LRV-3 you need to upgrade it to a LRV-4 with the sex change kit for reliability. Just think of the state of the inputs for what is going on with key sws. and doors

-- T. LaRue (elevonic@comcast.net), July 20, 2004.

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